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Isaac McCabe
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FSI is guided by our mission to see “Insurance Done Right.” My experience with a large, captive agency taught me all about the insurance business. I received comprehensive education and training with a wide variety of products. I was introduced to consultative sales and a needs-based approach to customer solutions. I learned to help clients identify and address their primary financial needs. I discovered some areas that we felt could be refined to better serve the public and eliminate conflicts of interest that often emerge in our industry. Many of these issues could be traced back to agents living purely on commission. So we decided to pay a wage to our agents and advisors. The benefits of this model are multiple, including:

  • Service after the sale: Commissions are only generated by one thing, sales. For this reason, many agents are excellent before they get your business but oddly absent when service is needed after the sale is done.
  • Reduced agent failure: The commission-only sales model has a first-year agent failure rate of 85%; consequently the agent you hired is gone one year later in 8 out of 10 cases.
  • Not just answers, CORRECT answers: Our agency model allows agents to spend time on preparation and research to provide you with peace of mind that the advice, instruction and solutions we offer can be relied upon.
  • Operation integration: Our organization integrates investing, advice, banking, insuring and lending so we have all the necessary tools to offer an excellent solution for any customer.
  • Real people = real help: Far too many companies work to avoid handling the customer. This frustrates clients when they need help. This problem is so pervasive that it seems like the goal is to run customers around until they give up. We believe clients are our most valuable business asset and we dedicate resources to reducing or eliminating anything that interferes with our ability to focus on our clients.


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