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Who is Financial Strategies, Inc.?

Financial Strategies, Inc. (FSI) is Mutual Savings Association’s wholly-owned insurance agency. What is our company all about? We help individuals, families, and businesses identify and manage potential threats to their long-term financial success. As a client of FSI’s, you will be treated with the same care and judgment that has guided Mutual’s approach to client service since 1888. Our goal is to prepare clients so those who depend on them are not devastated by a sudden or unexpected loss. We do this through careful needs analysis and personalized solutions. FSI is an independent agency. Our agents are salaried agents. This means we are free to search the financial universe for the best solution for you, and there is never any conflict of interest between the agent and client.

Work with us and we pledge:

You will never be offered a solution that is better for us than it is for you.
We will never sell you a product and then disappear.
You will never encounter a computerized maze when you have service needs.
You will always receive courteous, correct and complete answers to your questions.
You will always be well-informed regarding the options, risks and guarantees related to your purchase.
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Financial Strategies is an independent insurance agency. That means we have the ability to offer you a selection of insurance products and help you find the one that is best for you. Watch the following video to learn  more about why you should choose to use an independent insurance agent and allow yourself the freedom of choice.

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Our Location

Financial Strategies, Inc.

100 S 4th St
Leavenworth, KS 66048
Main office: 913-828-3893
Fax: 913-758-4464

Our Providers


Their knowledge of financial services and strategies is only exceeded by their enthusiasm and willingness to serve us in ways that are genuinely beneficial to us.

Dwayne & Liz - Atchison, KS
Isaac is a true professional in his field. His detailed research of and in-depth analysis of various financial strategies speaks very highly of Isaac and Mutual Savings Association. This sets him apart from other financial planners that we have talked to.

Bob and Juanell - Lansing, KS
What a pleasant and honest gentleman. Isaac won my trust over immediately and he began to guide me on the path of determining that my retirement plan wasn't just a dream, but a very plausible reality.

Victoria W., Fort Leavenworth, KS
I much appreciate the way I have been treated and the excellent conduct accorded me. Seems to me it would be no over speak to say I have indeed found that Marlene isn’t the only champion at Mutual Savings Association. Thank you for your champions!

Alfred K., Leavenworth, KS
FSI, Mutual Savings, and their clients. I would also like to mention Steve, what a fine young man! As he continues to work with Isaac Steve will be a great asset to Mutual for many years to come and he will be putting truck loads of money in Mutual customers pockets.

Richard B., Bonner Springs, KS
I appreciate the hard work, effort, time, and energy the staff put into the work they do! I love the staff of Financial Strategies because they are very knowledgeable and genuine. They have really helped my family and I pursue financial freedom.

Diamond H., Kansas City, KS
Fantastic! Have done everything we asked, answered all the questions patiently, couldn't be happier.

Donald H., Levonworth
To whom this may concern, as I have done banking with mutual savings for quite some time. I had the pleasure of using one of the banks many resources. I was helped by Steven Tarchala with Health Insurance needs and obtaining a policy at my affordability. It has been three months now and I have used the insurance numerous times. I just wanted to let someone know what a wonderful outstanding job this young man sis. I believe he is a valuable asset to the bank. This young man I believe went above and beyond to help me with my needs. I have personally thanked Steven but I would like the people who need to know at the bank that this man is outstanding.

Mike Byrns Leavenworth, KS