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“From the moment I walked in the door, to the completion of my extensive needs, each individual handled me with respect and professionalism, making me feel important as a client, and not just a "number in the system". Andrew and Issac continue to follow up with me on an constant basis, assuring that my current needs are met, and are always available to assist me with a "dumb" question that I may propose.

Isaac and I have had a onetime personal encounter. WOW! Isaac is a wealth of knowledge. I had to take all the information that he provided and digest it for a week. The follow-up letters that Isaac sent to me were not only informative, but directed me to the investments that we are currently in process of setting up for my retirement.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all for your attention to detail and making me feel a part of the MSA Family.”
– Joseph Powell, Tonganoxie, KS


'Mutual Savings and Financial Strategies have been very helpful. I have cash in my savings and checking account. The refinancing of my home and changing insurance helped me save money.

I choose to work with Financial Strategies because they helped me with lawful medical insurance. I’m sure I would not be able to talk my way through all the phone calls, and numbers needed for this.

I would recommend Financial Strategies to others because my friend Jenny Chambers introduced me. So, word of mouth does work. " - Janice Chapman, Tonganoxie, KS

outstanding staff

Second to None

"Dear Mr. Hoppes,

Hello, we are writing to let you know that we feel very blessed to have been referred to your agency and in particular, to have been assisted by two of your employees, Isaac McCabe and Steve Tarchala. Their knowledge of financial services and strategies is only exceeded by their enthusiasm and willingness to serve us in ways that are genuinely beneficial to us.

We have had many experiences with various banking or insurance agents, and your employees’ presentation was second to none. We started the meeting feeling a little anxious and apprehensive, but because of their patient, kind manner, we left with new enthusiasm and positive expectations.

Because of the excellent service, we have made several referrals to your company and will continue to do so. We look forward to doing more business with your agency, and please feel free to use this letter in any way that will benefit your agency. "

Yours Truly,

Dwayne & Liz Anthony, Atchison, Kansas


"I am writing this letter of recommendation regarding Mr. Isaac McCabe, Vice President/Agency Director of Financial Strategies at Mutual. Isaac has proven to be an invaluable asset to us in explaining various investment strategies and assisting us with meeting our financial goals.

I have done lots of research in an attempt to plan for retirement. However, I have overlooked numerous possible approaches. Isaac’s tremendous knowledge base of financial strategies has allowed him to provide us various options that we would have never came up with on our own. His thorough, but easy to understand, explanations of even the most complex strategies have been a tremendous help to us in sorting out which alternative to pursue.

Isaac is a true professional in his field. His detailed research of and in-depth analysis of various financial strategies speaks very highly of Isaac and Mutual Savings Association. Isaac has displayed the ability to seek out what our financial goals are and come up with the best possible strategies to assist us in meeting those goals. This sets him apart from other financial planners that we have talked to. They have always pushed their own agendas on what they thought was best for us without consideration of any of our own special requirements or goals.

My wife and I have been banking with Mutual for nearly 30 years and have been very satisfied with your banking services. The need for dedicated and truly professional financial planners and strategists has always been there. Now with Isaac leading the effort, Mutual is able to provide this excellent service to your own local banking customers so that they won’t have to seek our expertise from some outside entity. The service that Isaac and Financial Strategies is providing has been a very valuable service to us. Had it not been for a friend of ours that recommended Isaac to us, we would not have known what excellent services Mutual had to offer in this area. It has been a true pleasure working with Isaac and we will happily recommend him and Mutual Savings to anyone needing financial planning services.

Sincerely yours,

Bob and Juanell Garrett " - Bob and Juanell Garrett, Lansing, KS


"Mr Hoppes,

I wanted to take a few moments and provide you some positive feedback on your outstanding staff you have at Mutual. I am planning for my retirement from Federal Service hopefully in August 2012. I began looking for someone to assist me with my financial portfolio and retirement goals and found Isaac McCabe a few months ago. What a pleasant and honest gentleman. Isaac won my trust over immediately and he began to guide me on the path of determining that my retirement plan wasn’t just a dream, but a very plausible reality. As we discussed various options, I began to work with another one of your staff, Mandee Schrick. She helped my husband and I relook our current mortgage rates, which we had just refinanced 2 years ago with a local competitor and she was able to work her magic as well, securing us with an even lower rate, advising on merging and adjusting another loan we had and making it possible for my husband and I to only owe a mortgage.

We now have the financial security and safety that we are both very comfortable with, can move ahead with some personal goals, a few small home remodeling and assisting our children with some of their needs. She didn’t stop there. She has now secured a savings and checking account and we are new CAP members.

Thank you for all your staff has done to support and assist us as we move to this next chapter in our lives. Isaac is also providing me with some secure options on life insurance that will better support our needs over what the federal government was going to offer me at retirement. You have a true team at Mutual.

My hat is off to you and your entire organization, a very well oiled machine that has the total interest of their customers at heart. I too am in customer service as the Senior Military HR Officer at Ft Leavenworth, with a responsibility of supporting our Soldiers, retirees, veterans and their Families. It is rewarding to me to see that there still are people in the world that care about others and want what is best for them, and offer whatever services they can. No is not an option. " - Victoria L. Wells, Fort Leavenworth, KS


"Dear Mr. Hoppes,

Greetings! For a good measure of years, I have done my banking business through Mutual Savings Association. During that same period most of my contact has been with Marlene Morley who I understand is pretty much an all around gal Friday in providing any number of bank service needs to many folks for over 30 years. Simply states, I’d say she is indeed a bank champion in every sense of the word.

I didn’t have any reason to suppose that not everyone at Mutual Savings conducted themselves in a similar fashion. Certainly I have found that to be true a few years back when I had occasion to buy a house through and with the help of Mutual Savings employees.

However, in fairly recent times, I have had occasion to get better acquainted with and had needs for a number of services that your fair bank provides.

I do feel as though I have found some new and well versed banking friends there in your bank house. Certainly Isaac McCabe in Financial Strategies with his very able helper Steven Tarchala have many and sound places to wisely and safely invest one’s funds.

Vice President Mandee Schrick, loan officer superb, will help with and explain whatever your loan needs may be.

I have found Andy Becker, property insurance specialist, to have all the answers most anyone could ask, whatever your insurance needs may be.

Deborah Sheehan, personal banker extraordinaire, will indeed help one to get started in the right direction and help any customer navigate the banking world.

These are just the individuals I have worked closely with. I have reason to believe any other Mutual Savings officers will handle banking business you might have with ease.

I much appreciate the way I have been treated and the excellent conduct accorded me. Seems to me it would be no over speak to say I have indeed found that Marlene isn’t the only champion at Mutual Savings Association. You seemingly have one at every station.

Thank you for your champions! "

Alfred L. Kyle,, Leavenworth, KS


"Mr. David Hoppes,

I would like to highly commend several of your employees. I will start with Ronnie Smith. He is the heart of the Mutual Savings Branch in Bonner. He is always smiling and willing to go that extra mile if needed to help anyone that enters Mutual’s doors. He finds out what people’s needs are and directs them to the right person. Most of all I am proud to have Ron at my bank and I can call him a good friend.

Isaac McCabe – What a fabulous mind for the financial nuances in today’s world of investing, there is no one I would trust my money with more. Also, what a great personality, he is on top of every situation. He does not miss a point when it comes to a financial contract. I could go on and on about the great things that Isaac does for FSI, Mutual Savings, and their clients. I would also like to mention Steve, what a fine young man! As he continues to work with Isaac Steve will be a great asset to Mutual for many years to come and he will be putting truck loads of money in Mutual customers pockets. "


Richard W. Bundy, Bonner Springs, KS


"To Whom It May Concern:

Mutual Savings Association has been my banking choice since 1972, at the age of ten years old. I belonged to the “Little Juniors Savings Club” at the original shopping center mall office of Mutual Savings Association.

The people are very professional, efficient and courteous every step of the way explaining the ins and outs of the daily operating of meeting my financial needs.

I often bank with Lee at the teller window of the inside Main Branch Lobby. The office is located at Fourth and Shawnee Streets in Leavenworth, Kansas. Lee and his associate, Shari, are always very kind and very patient with handling my confusing, difficult questions. I was in a very bad accident that left me with challenges in reasoning and comprehending difficult answers to my questions. The people at Mutual are always kind and patient with me.

Financial Strategies, Inc.’s Vice President, Isaac McCabe, and his Assistant Joanna Kowalewski are very helpful and kind. Both are professional personnel which will assist your financial and insurance needs with quick, top-notch, high-level, good, sound decision making and advice helps clients get the best return on one’s money and investments.

It is in anyone’s best interest to bank with Mutual Savings Association and Financial Strategies, Inc., located in one convenient business location. He or she is investing in quality people and good advice when it comes to your time and money.

Based upon my experiences these people are the most dedicated and professional personnel to handle your financial needs. They will make you feel you are number one, and your issues are of utmost importance to them. When one does conduct business on the phone, your questions will be answered in an orderly, efficient, professional manner. New Clients, as well as loyal clients such as me, will not be dissatisfied.

Anyone will be very pleased when you call or walk in through the company’s doors; and you are let smiling with complete contentment. "


Joan Pickett, Leavenworth, KS


"Dear Financial Strategies,

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for taking care of our insurance needs through a difficult time. At thirty three years old you never expect to have the unimaginable happen, well it happened to me. Here’s my story:

In May of 2008 a few weeks after getting married, we received a devastating blow, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our life quickly turned from happy newlyweds to making immediate critical decisions. Because of the dedication of FSI we didn’t have to worry about asking the question that so many others do, how will we pay for this? We had the peace of mind knowing that our health and disability insurance was in place, and we would be okay. After going through intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments, we had a claim near a million dollars. Thanks to FSI we paid only a small portion of this debt. If we could do it over again, the one thing we would do differently is to not have waived the cancer insurance six months before being diagnosed. You can’t forsee the future. We have learned a valuable lesson and in the future we will carry the cancer insurance."


Christy Eker, Bonner Springs, KS


"I am writing this letter of recommendation regarding your staff in Financial Strategies at Mutual. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how professional they are and how helpful both Isaac McCabe and Steven Tarchala have been to my wife and me.I am writing this letter of recommendation regarding your staff in Financial Strategies at Mutual. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how professional they are and how helpful both Isaac McCabe and Steven Tarchala have been to my wife and me.

In reviewing our life insurance needs, we realized that our existing life insurance would no longer meet our financial goals of providing the required amount of financial security we would need into retirement. Both Isaac and Steven were diligent in researching possible insurance companies and various policy options which could provide our needs. In our research, we found that we had a conversion option on our existing term insurance policies that would provide us with universal life at a much lower cost to us than obtaining new insurance.

Both Isaac and Steven took the necessary time to thoroughly research our policies, make recommendations on various options, coordinate details with the life insurance company, and prepare the necessary paperwork for us to be able to convert our existing insurance over to what we really needed. Their invaluable assistance facilitated this process immensely for us and also saved us a considerable amount of money over what new policies would have cost.

Their knowledge of the life insurance industry and terminology and their excellent communication skills made this entire process much easier than we had anticipated. Their customer service is of the highest standards and when working with them, we know that we can expect attention to detail and truly dedicated service. It was a genuine pleasure working with both of them and we will happily recommend them and Mutual Savings to anyone needing financial advice in not only life insurance, but other needs as well."

Sincerely yours,

Bob and Juanell Garrett, Lansing, KS


"Dear Isaac,

You have made it possible for my confidence to be restored about the management of my small account. I sincerely appreciate your time, patience and the care you have given me. It will be great to see you again or hear from you anytime." - Delores Majors, Eudora, KS


"I am writing to commend the excellent service I received from your agent, an agent of Financial Strategies, Inc.

I have enjoyed working with this agent and would recommend them to others because:

July 6, 2006 I received a phone call at work at 2:00 in the afternoon from my husband who was also at work, telling me that a neighbor had called him telling him that our home was on fire and that the fire department was there. I work 40 minutes from my home so I called my daughter, Jennifer Gumbel, who at the time was working at Mutual Savings in Oskaloosa. She was only about 15 minutes from my home so she went to check it out for me as I drove frantically home. She called me and told me it was true…..our home was gone totally and several fire trucks were there containing the fire….my heart sank. As I drove down our driveway, I could see for myself, our home was a total loss….everything gone, nothing but rubble left. All my husband and I had left were the clothes we had worn that day.

We built a new home and were in by November. After settling with Shelter Insurance Company, a company we had for several years with our home and autos, our homeowners was cancelled, not surprisingly. We tried to obtain insurance on our own with no success and after recommendation from Janet Spencer, our loan officer of First State Bank, we spoke with Evans Realtors in Tonganoxie and they were able to find us a high risk company to insure our new home at a very high rate for what they said would probably be three years. One year was up a short time ago and we received a letter from them telling us we needed to insure for at least another year, maybe two…..and I figured that was it for two more years.

My daughter, Jennifer, of Mutual, emailed me at work a couple of weeks ago and told me she thought Mutual could probably give me a better rate on our autos and probably on our homeowners insurance. I reluctantly told her to go ahead and try the auto because no other company had ever been able to beat Shelter…..and of course I figured there was no way another company would be able to take on our homeowners insurance for at least another two more years.

She referred me to your agent and he emailed me at work and I gave him my auto information from Shelter and he emailed me back and told me he thought he could beat that! We emailed information back and forth several times….he was never pushy, allowing me to work with him in my own time here at work. He asked for my phone number and gave me his and asked me if it was ok for me to talk with him while at work but at a time that would be convenient for me.  His approach was so fantastic, let me tell you! AND…after his quote…we didn’t hesitate a minute…..to change our auto over to him! He even worked with me on letting me know that the rates could be even better with copies of the defensive driving course we had taken with Shelter, and even better if we could have our homeowners with him also.

I explained to him that I didn’t think he would want to take on our homeowners because of the fire….and after explaining our situation….he said let me try! I didn’t think he could do it, but HE DID! I gave him permission to talk with my loan officer at First State Bank, Janet Spencer. She later emailed me and told me how Andy actually saved us $1,300 on our homeowners…..and this was not to mention including the savings on our auto!

I am here to tell you that I would recommend you agent to anyone……and I already have!

Thank you Mutual Savings for having such a great person on your team! And, most of all, thank you!" - Sonia Howard, McLouth, KS