Famous People Who Failed to Properly Plan

While the importance of estate planning cannot be overstated, there are plenty of examples of celebrities who died with poor, or nonexistent estate plans.

Show Them the Love: Low-Cost, High-Value Employee Benefits

Recruiting and retaining top talent often requires going beyond the basic employee benefit programs. By offering creative, low-cost benefits, you can differentiate your business from other potential employers.

Estate Planning and Income Tax Basis

Income tax basis can be important when deciding whether to make gifts now or transfer property at your death.

Will interest rates rise this year?

Why are interest rates rising even though the Federal Reserve’s target rate hasn’t? Because bond investors are concerned that higher interest rates in the future will hurt the value of bonds that pay today’s lower rates.

Graph: Interest Rates 1981-2012

Graph showing federal funds effective rate (the average rate at which banks lend to one another overnight) from 1981 to 2012.